Boat Storage


Associate and Ordinary Members are welcome to apply for boat storage Emerald Bay and Deep Water Bay. Boat storage is available for kayaks, canoe’s, and paddleboards.

To apply, please see the VRC Forms Section and under Boat Storage, please complete the form for either Deep Water Bay or Emerald Bay.

Forms can be submitted to the club staff or sent to [email protected]. Please mail the original form to VRC Offices.

When your boat space is allocated, members must submit the acceptance form and use issued boat stickers to identify their craft.

Important Reminders:

• Members are urged to regularly check their craft stored at the club and to contact the clubhouse if any problems arise
• Members are responsible for securing their craft before a typhoon approaches, the club takes no responsibility for securing boats
• Members must use their space for their own boat and cannot sublet boat space to another person
• Members cannot retain empty racks spaces (grace periods allowed)
• The club reserves the right to remove any and all unidentified craft from the storage racks and clubhouse


If any assistance is required or you have any feedback, questions, or complaints relating to the boat storage please do not hesitate to contact the General Manager at [email protected] or telephone +852 2178-2221.