Equipment Rental

VRC Sporting

What can VRC members use?

  • Kayaks
  • Family Canoe
  • Prone Paddle Boards
  • SUPS (Stand Up Paddle Board) *
  • Surf Ski’s *
  • OC1 (Outrigger Canoe 1-person) *
  • Board Rowing *
  • * requires certification, please ask our Club or Events Manager for more information.
  • For Surf Ski and OC1 rental, participants must be minimum of 11 years old and 1.58 cm tall.

Do I need to be club certified?

  • No for Kayaks and Family Canoes
  • Yes for SUPs, Surf Ski’, OC1, and Board Rowing

Why do I need to be certified?

  • To understand our rental process (check out, waivers, payment)
  • Learn and demonstrate ability rig and use equipment properly
  • Understand safety rules and skills, including ability to recover from a capsize

How can I get Lessons?

  • VRC is able to schedule lessons with our trainers

Can I take guests?

  • Yes. Members are fully responsible for their guests safety and club equipment. Guest must meet guidelines and sign waivers.
  • All safety protocols apply – Wear PFD, Leg Leash, inform Club when going out and back

Where can I suggest feedback?

  • VRC General Manager
  • VRC Events Manager
  • VRC Sports Committee

To Rent Equipment

When Checking Out Equipment

  • Request this from our staff and sign our waiver
  • If required, our staff check if you are certified
  • Get a Leash, Paddle and PFD
  • Check vessel for any damages
  • Check Weather – Do not go onto the water if above Force 3 (19 km/h) or if Club Staff informs you cannot
  • Check Tide Charts and Levels

Going Out

  • Inform Staff (and Use white board)
  • Be Safe, wear a PFD and Leg Leash and be Visible (wear bright clothes)
  • Know where you are going, how far the distance, wind direction and your level
  • Know your landmarks, hidden rocks
  • If needed, ask for help to launch boats
  • Take a phone or something to communicate with


  • Ask for help if needed to bring vessel back in
  • Rinse and Return Equipment to original spot
  • Inform staff you are back and if any issues

Deep Water Bay

  • Beginners – Stay in Sight of Club
  • Advanced – Eastside of Ocean Park; North Side of Round Island; West of Chung Hom Kok Park

Emerald Bay

  • Emerald Bay Boundaries
  • Beginners – Stay in Sight of Club